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Cerka Creative is a full-service experiential design house specializing in various mediums of design, event production and floral artistry. With an unparalleled emphasis on process, we take your time and vision seriously from inception. As design enthusiasts, we combine our love of architecture, florals, textures, and artistic elements to bring your vision to life through fine-tuned collaboration. Our chic and curated aesthetic paired with our grounded approach and attention to detail encompasses our brand identity. 


At Cerka Creative, we believe that every moment and experience matters, and we’re here to guide you on your personal design journey. We find ourselves constantly in awe of how our collective vision comes together, and never tire of the inspiration found along the way. We push the boundaries of reality and believe in the “no rules apply” mentality. We find beauty in the intrinsic essence of each client and challenge ourselves to design in a way that you’ve never experienced before.


Katie Alliotts and Allan Cerrato

founders & creative directors

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